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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 6

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#wegotfliescomingforus - Summer is somehow upon us, this means one thing, and one thing only: Short shorts and flies. Flies everywhere. And they are coming for you, on the lake, around the campfire and especially in the motor home.

It’s getting dark out. Just hanging around the fire, having some chats and drinking some beers. #wegotfliescomingforus

winnebago man yelling online video

Meet innovation. MONEY.

#twothingsthatarehardtodoatthesametime - This one is easy. You just tweet two things that are hard to do at the same time.

Poop Eat #twothingsthatarehardtodoatthesametime

black guy eating on the toilet in prison jail

The toilet, also a table in jail.

#soharddude – This one has a variety of uses. You could go the sarcastic route, used to mock some homie on twitter about his sweet shirtless profile pic. You could go with the legitimely gay route, if you’re into that. You could also just be referencing some rocks and talking about their ranking on the MOH Scale. It’s really up to you, but I tend to go with sarcasm.

Yo, @rockhardlifter69 you looking all swelled up in that picture bro #soharddude

gym twitter self picture pic dude

I just got back from the gym, let me pop this shirt off and take a quick pic for Twitter.

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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 3

It's been about a week since the last one so here is the third installment of #Hashtags That Should Be Trending. Have a suggestion for a #hashtag? Let us know on our Twitter account, @20SomeAwesome.

#comeon- Stolen from Arrested Development which, if you haven’t heard, will have 10 new episodes and a moviecoming in 2013? It is mostly used when something is so ridiculious you can’t believe someone would think it, such as a guy taking a whiz through a $5000 suit.

Mom! Where's my pizza? #comeon

gob from arrested development come on

Right, the guy in the $4000 dollar suit is holding the elevator for the guy who doesn't make that in 3 months. #comeon

#gloveslap- Gloveslap is used as a sign of dominance to get things you want. You can also use to to challenge people to a duel, but be careful not to challenge an old Texas Oil Man. He will accept and you will have to flee to the outskirts of town where you will eventually start growing ToMacco.

Hey, @steveburnburger, I banged your sister last night. That's what you get for eating my Apple Jacks.  #gloveslap

homer simpson glove slap

I demand satisfaction.

#chop- Inspired by Workaholics episode “Old Man Ders”. A drunk and “old” (25) Ders brings back his old time playground favorite “that’s a chop”. Adding a “that’s a #chop” or simiply a “#chop” can be devastating to all who’s involved. #Chop can also be used when you drop some unexpected knowledge on somebody. Use liberally and often.

I’m 25 dickhead, and that’s a #chop

that's a chop workaholics

That's one tight butthole.

#drunk- This one is pretty simple. Let the Twitter world know that you are in no way responsible for the words that you just typed with one simple hashtag. Then in the morning all parties involved will have no hard feelings about the tweet or the nights previous events no matter how messed up or depressing they really are. Hell, you all might even have a good laugh about it later.

Oh yeah, well fuck you @staceyturnerbush, you’re just a fat bitch anyways. #drunk

guy drunk tweeting or texting

This guy fell asleep drunk tweeting. Still drinking though, like a champ.

#whatisgoingonuphere- Sometimes you’ll have this moment of realization where you don’t know what is going on in your head. This is the “What is going on up here *points to head*” moment. Thank you Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Commonly used when under the influence of drugs, such as but not limited to: huffing glue/paint, smoking marijuana, taking prescription pills, dropping acid, and/or eating shrooms.

Where did that elephant come from? #whatisgoingonuphere

charlie from it's always sunny huffing paint

Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the Sun. You're a master of karate and friendship, for everyone.