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New on Netflix Instant Streaming: Demolition Man

demolition man cover vhs dvd stallone snipes

Note: Judge Dredd is not currently streaming on Netflix Instant but you can purchase for a very low prize at Amazon.com

Demolition Man (1993)

Director: Marco Brambilla (Excess Baggage, Dinotopia)
Writer: Daniel Waters (Batman Returns, Heathers), Robert Reneau (The Hitchhiker, Action Jackson), Peter M. Lenkov (Son in Law, CSI: NY)
Starring: Sylvester Stallone (Rocky I-XVIII, Rambo I-V), Wesley Snipes (Blade Series, Bankruptcy Court), Sandra Bullock (Crash, Miss Congeniality), Denis Leary (Rescue Me, The Thomas Crown Affair), Nigel Hawthorne (Amistad, Tarzan), Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, Miss Congeniality)
Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Crime

Why You Should Watch It: My first thought when going into any Stallone movie is, “Shit, I’m going to have to watch this movie with the subtitles on.” To his credit, he really can bring the English in the early 90s. Demolition Man is about a cop (Stallone) who takes care of cop business in some unorthodox ways. This leads to civilian deaths, destruction and later his conviction. Luckily for him, he lives in a time when bad people are frozen, not raped or killed. Not so lucky for him, the only reason he is unfrozen, 36 years later, is to take down another formally frozen dude (Snipes) who has gone rouge on the now dystopian society. The cover art only shows Stallone and Snipes as as the lead actors but I was surprised who else shows up in the movie: Sandra Bullock, Rob Schneider, and Denis Leary. It turns out to be a fun, campy, cop, action thriller. There are plenty of explosions, fight scenes, gun fights, and bad jokes. Bollock’s character continuously messes up sayings from the ole, is actually pretty hilarious. “Lick his ass,” for example. It is for sure worth your attention and 115 minutes.