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Awesome Political Links From Around the Web! Election 2012

politics in america i voted today pin red white blueI think we can all agree that politics in America (and maybe other countries too) is mostly just a circus. Much like a circus there are many armless people doing hula-hoop things, elephants doing tricks for money, and donkeys shitting all over the place. It’s a mess and it’s hard to sift through it all to find anything of use.

In retaliation to this I wanted to provide (mostly) un-biased resources for 20 Something’s, and all humans able to vote in the US Election, in hopes of them making more educated decisions this November.

This list is in no way the end all be all of political resources or interesting 2012 Election links. If you have any websites, books, podcasts, or anything else that would help a voter make more educated decisions please let us know in the comments and I’ll add it to this currently short list.

Polling Info

Interactive poll graph found/stolen/taken from: The Atlantic Wire, "Polling 101: How to Read Polls in the Last Three Weeks of the Campaign". Read this to more understand the graph above. Taking polls at face value and not learning how they are administered or how they work, is a classic mistake. I haven't trusted a poll since Summer of '92.

A great numbers blog from The New York Times, edited by Nate Silver, is FiveThirtyEight. Deals a lot with the current polls and projections. There are more numbers and explanations than you can handle, baby! Check it out.

Register to Vote

If you’re eligible and are mentally able to, you should probably vote. Here is a Reddit post with links to places to register online for each state.

Also, for all you cool, hip, rockin', young 20 something voters, www.RocktheVote.com.

Fact Checking

Before “fact checker” was in the mass media’s vernacular, PolitiFact.com has been there for years, checkin’ facts and writin’…well pretty much just checking facts. PolitiFact is very useful since no politician is beholden to tell the truth, sadly.

There is also, FactCheck.org. Taken from their About Page: “We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.” Might be a better resource than PolitiFact, but how will we ever know? Who will fact check the fact checkers?!

News Outlets

C-Span is non-partisan right? See their coverage over on their Campaign 2012 Homepage.

Politico’s 2012 Election Headquarters.

The Economist’s US Elections 2012 Homepage.

More Fun Than Useful

Wondering who deserves your vote? Answer some questions over at www.iSideWith.com and find out where your views and values stand with the candidates.

The SNL Election Headquarters. Watch some skits from previous elections.

Politics over at The Onion. For those under internet rocks, this site is satire.

Maps! Get your maps here! What better way to follow politics than with shapes, numbers and colors. Check out some interactive maps over over at these major sites: Huffington Post, The Washington Post, NYTimes, NPR, and PBS.

From the network that brings you The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, Comedy Central brings you Indecision 2012 coverage. And again for full disclosure, this is comedy and satire, and should not to be taken seriously.


I got a little help from my internet friends with these links, check them out around the web:


Awesome Weekend Links From Around the Net! 6/24/2012

[Picture] If you spend enough time on the internet you'll get this and maybe have a chuckle. If not you are no doubt thinking, "The internet is right once again, it doesn't matter because this kid is double fisting Chex."

[Morbid?] Thanks to reddit I found myself spending multiple hours reading about serial killers in the United States. A great resource was this wikipedia page titled "List of serial killers in the United States". Very informative.

[Video] I know this is pretty old. Six years old to be more precise. It's still funny and still just super. Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton post The Chappelle Show and Africa.

[Funny] I met this cool dude, @shoutabyss, on Twitter recently. He likes being negative about most things, much like me. Read his take on the National Rifle Association.

[Music] This is just an old Song of the Day post from us featuring some TV On The Radio and Breaking Bad.


Awesome Links from the Weekend, 5/27/2012

[Funny] The five reasons I will never listen to Tom Cruise EVER again. - @cracked

[Music] A new song from Passion Pit which is really catchy and I can’t stop listening to. I first heard it over at the sweet music blog Listen Before You Buy. - @listenb4youbuy

[Science] A big foamy tube of Science! - @thechive

[Funny] 20 Guys Trying to Bang @kramediggles on OkCupid. Read it and follow her on Twitter. She’s funny and I think I’m slowly getting her to fall in love with me. www.slacktory.com/2012/05/20-guys-try-to-bang-psycho-on-okcupid/

[Poker] I’m not even sure 1 out of the 100 people that see this will care, but Poker Fuse has a great Poker Podcasts page.  - @pokerfuse

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I just realized the titles of these Weekend Links are not even close to being constant. Oh well. Better keep it going.


Weekend Awesome Links, 3/25/2012

[Science] Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Science is cool man. Stay in school, be cool, and don't do herion...or whatever the saying is. Cameras that can see around corners.

[Funny] Satire, but it can't be too far off. Santorum: Replace Church and State with 'Sturch'.

[Picture] The only time the state of Florida has been clever, funny or right.

[Inspirational] No better monkey words to live by.

[Funny Video] If you have never seen me tweet something with @ForestMoonCREW then you should watch this video and follow them on Twitter.


Awesome Weekend Links 3/18/2012

 [TV] If you aren’t watching Psych, you should be. If you are, check out this Burton “Gus” Guster Nickname site. Which is your favorite?

[Drunk] This guy knows how to party!

[Movies] Prometheus - Official Full HD Trailer - Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapac

[Offbeat] Will this be the push I need to teach myself Spanish, well, with the help of the internet of course? Probably not.

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