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Artist Spotlight: Frightened Rabbit

Genre: Folksy Indie Rock
Similar: We Were Promised Jetpacks, Mumford and Sons, Glasvegas
Interesting Fact: They’re Scottish so good luck trying to take their freedom
Twitter: @FRabbits

What Is This?
People often ask what I went to school for when I tell them I can’t find a job, and when I tell them “history,” I can tell their first thought is “well, that makes sense.” They then ask something along the lines of “do you want to be a teacher?” and I throw back “it’s a option.” Moral of the story; I’m useless outside of my above-average ability to write six page papers the night before they’re due, and being able to throw out random, slightly relevant depending on the topic of conversation, facts of trivia like “the Boston Tea Party caused the Vietnam War!” That being said, I don’t think my time spent taking classes about “Michigan In The Era of Industrialization” and the “History of Modern East Asia” are useless. Case in point, “Scotland Since 1603: History and Culture” exposed me to a good bit of music, movies, literature and theatre (watch Black Watch, it’s awesome). I can also name AND locate all 33 historical counties of Scotland, so at least I have that going for me. Which is nice.


As I said yesterday, Frightened Rabbit’s music is generally of the upbeat variety but at the same time, I can't be entirely sure of that because the accent kind of masks what the lead singer says (don’t take that as meaning the accent is heavy, cause it’s not, it’s just so pleasant sounding). I ended up going through some of the lyrics after catching myself butchering the Scottish accent while singing lines from the song “Keep Yourself Warm” which go, “It takes more than fucking someone you don’t know to keep yourself warm.”

That’s just cold.

Not that I have any problem with the use of swearing because lord knows that I fucking love to swear, but it kind of caught me off guard. True story, I found myself singing that part and thinking to myself “what the hell am I saying? Did I just make this song up? I'm a lyrical fucking savant” I ended up googling the lyric, lo and behold it was a song that I knew by name but never actually listened to the lyrics. The point I’m trying to make here is that I spent some time and effort listening to the words themselves and I gained a new appreciation for Frightened Rabbit. Their lyrics are actual lyrics and not just words strewn together, which, I guess is the same thing but who's counting?

I’m not going to try a decipher what their songs are about, not that they need deciphering, because I’m terrible at that (someone once convinced me that “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter was about bunch of stoners that kicked a dog. Turns out the song is about the suicide of a public official. Whatever, close enough. Tomato, tomato.) but with that being said, some of the prevalent themes are sex, relationships, loneliness and leprosy. I don't know about you but I'm particularly fond of the latter theme.


Like I’ve mentioned a couple times before, most of their stuff sounds pretty cheerful but they also have a handful of softer songs (“Poke” is pretty damn good, if that’s what you’re into). This sounds awkward to type/say but the best way I can sum up Frightened Rabbit is by saying it’s life music. Frightened Rabbit would probably make a good soundtrack to your life in an indie kind of way (It would fit well in a movie like (500) Days of Summer). They signed with Atlantic Records last year so expect them to continue their ascent into the mainstream.

Sing the Greys, The Midnight Organ Fight and The Winter of Mixed Drinksare their three studio albums but they also released a new EP on October 19th that you can download for free if you sign up for their mailing list.  All their albums have been very well received by the critics and I second that. This shit is good.