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Song of the Week/New on Netflix Instant Streaming: Regina Spektor – “You’ve Got Time”/Orange Is the New Black

This turned more into a New On Netflix Instant post than Song of the Week so it will just be both. Listen to the song and watch the show!

Orange Is The New Black netflix original

Orange Is the New Black (2013)

Creator: Jenji Kohan
Starring: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Michael Harney, Michelle Hurst, Jason Biggs, Pablo Schreiber, Kate Mulgrew
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Prison
Episodes: 13 (1 Season)

This is the theme song from a great new Netflix Instant Exclusive, Orange is the New Black. The show is about the life of a woman who spent 1.5 years in a New England prison. It's a hilarious show with some real characters. It's light-hearted enough but it hits on many themes such has race, socioeconomic status, LGBT issues and the powerful/powerless dynamic. It's well acted and has great subplots that weave together nicely. It's a must watch if you have Netflix.

During the first episode I said aloud, “why is this opening sequence so damn long?!” By the second episode I was enamored with the theme song “You've Got Time” by Regina Spektor. It's a powerful song that is catchy as hell. If it's not stuck in your head after your second listen, you are soulless. Despite that I really have trouble watching the screen during the song. There is something about close up mouths and eyes that I find almost disgusting. It's far to intimate for me. I understand it from cinematography/music video point of view, but that's a music video I'd only ever want to watch once and for only about 15 seconds. Do see the video I speak of, you'll have to watch the show!

Anyways rock out to this Regina Spektor jam.

Regina Spektor - "You've Got Time"



Song of the Week: Nightmare Of You – “My Name is Trouble”

[Editor's Note]: Clearly songs are not going up everyday so the previous title of "Song of the Day" was an obvious ploy for you to come back everyday looking for a new song. This did not work as I had hoped so it is time to change the title to reflect the actual posting frequency of songs. I introduce, the new and more aptly named, "Song of the Week"! A song coming every Sunday. Now enjoy the first "Song of the Week" from Bryan James.

If you like Jared Leto doppelgangers or you like The Cure but don't think they're snarky enough, Nightmare Of You is for you. Brandon Reilly has a knack for composition, leading to some awesomely arranged songs. They've been around for almost a decade now and have never really found a foothold in the larger music scene.

This band is also great for those who are looking for some obscure but easily-palatable bands with which to annoy their friends. Enjoy!

Nightmare Of You - "My Name is Trouble"


Song of the Day: Clutch – “Electric Worry”

If you like rocky, bluesy jams, you ended up on the correct page. I wouldn't say I know much about Clutch's collective work but “Electric Worry” off of From Beale Street to Oblivion has always made me wish I would seek out more of their work. This song is catchy as hell and so damn fun. You'll have “Bang, bang, bang/ Vamonos, vamonos” stuck in your head for at minimum 22 hours. Maybe you'll better than me and listen to more of their 20 years of work, including 10 studio albums. BE BETTER THAN ME DAMN IT.

Clutch - "Electric Worry"


Song of the Day: Trophy Scars – “Angels”

A friend had been pushing me to listen to this band for some time but based on the name I assumed it was some shitty scream-metal-rock band he's into. After finally giving this track a shot, I was sold. The guys voice is awesome, the lyrics are quality and this song in particular is quite moving. It tells the story of young love and all it's innocence. It makes me jealous I was so shy and socially disabled that I never had these feelings and experiences. On the EP, Never Born, Never Dead,  "Angels" is followed by "Never Dead" which tells end of relationship story which is not as happy but is just as touching.

B-b-b-b-b-bonus: Any LOST fans will surely enjoy the last 30 seconds or so of this track with a emotional moment from that show. You get me, brother?


Song of the Day: Pixies – “Debaser”

This song needs no introduction. If you think it does that means you probably haven't listened to it so just stop reading this nonsense and listen to the song. "Debaser" comes off Doolittle, a little late 80's alternative rock album that could. As you can see on its Wikipedia page, it is HIGHLY regarded.