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Song of the Day: Say Anything – “Say Anything” (Lyric Video)

You may know that Say Anything came out with a new album, Anarchy, My Dear, last month. We did post the new music video for the first single,"Burn A Miracle," which you can watch here. They also recently came out with a "Lyric Video" for the second song from the album, titled "Say Anything". Their last album was titled Say Anything and now, on an album which is not their self titled, they have a self titled song. Confusing stuff. Well the song "Say Anything" is a nice little teenage rock ballad, where Max Bemis professes that he would "do anything for you", including taking bullets in the knees from the devil. Now, if that isn't love, I don't know what is. Despite the high school cliche of it all, I still enjoy it and find myself singing along. You most likely will too. So listen, and enjoy.

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Say Anything - "Say Anything"


New Music Video: Say Anything – “Burn A Miracle”

In the past two years, Say Anything's 2009 self titled album has become my most played album of all time. I can't explain why, other than it's upbeat, has a sort of F-you mentality to it, easy to sing along to in the car and is just a fun listen. Needless to say I was pretty excited for the new Say Anything album, Anarchy, My Dear, which plopped this past Tuesday (3/13). I aquired the album that Tuesday and have so far been enjoying it. I wouldn't say it's too much different than Say Anything, but I'm okay with that. Anyways, they also came out with a video for the first single from the album, and also the first track, "Burn A Miracle". If you at all enjoy the song and video from below I would recommend any of Say Antyhing's albums, because you would most likely enjoy them. Look below the video from the Album Track List.

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Say Anything - "Burn A Miracle"



Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear

  1. Burn A Miracle
  2. Say Anything
  3. Night's Song
  4. Admit It Again
  5. So Good
  6. Sheep
  7. Peace Out
  8. Overbiter
  9. Of Steel
  10. Anarchy, My Dear
  11. The Stephen Hawking
  12. Here's To You. Blue Eyes (Bonus Track)

New Music Video: Blink-182- “Heart’s All Gone”

You may remember when we posted "Up All Night," the first single and video off of Blink-182's new album Neighborhoods a month ago or so. You might also remember when we posted Blink-182's classic hit, "What's My Age Again?". Well, now it's time to start remembering this post for an undetermined amount of time so when I refer to it down the road you will remember. Here is the second video from Neighborhoods for "Heart's All Gone". Get nostalgic for those Blink-182 filled teenage years.

Blink-182 - "Heart's All Gone"


Song of the Day: The Cat Empire- “Two Shoes”

Here's an upbeat song for your Friday afternoon. If this song doesn't make you want to dance you have no soul. "I feel like uhh...I feel like dancing." That's what you'll say.

I first heard this song in the mountain bike movie called Seasons, which is full of awesome music, and I was hooked. It really makes you want to move your head. Watch the original video at the bottom if you want (it's really not great, especially compared to the downhill mountain bike montage) but more importantly check out the clip from Seasons that has the full song.

The Cat Empire- "Two Shoes"


Well, apparently the person who uploaded the original music video wants fewer people to watch his video and doesn't allow embedding. Click here to watch the actual music video on Youtube but really the video above is all you need.



New Music Video: Blink-182 – “Up All Night”

If you were currently unaware, Blink-182 is coming out with a new album, Neighborhoods, this September 27, 2011. Here is the music video for the first single, "Up All Night".

Also check out the 1999 Blink-182 hit music video for "What's My Age Again" here. Is the new video better? worse? equally awesome? equally terrible? Let us know on Twitter.