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Flashback Friday: Hot Teen Hunks of the 90′s, Round 2

We're back again, 8 months later, with the second edition of Hot Teen Hunks of the 90's. We received some good suggestions in our comment section and also on our Pinterest Page. Some of those are used below. Did we still miss someone you think should be in the third round? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the first Hot Teen Hunks of the 90's Flashback Friday.

young jared leto 90s

Yeah, the Jared Leto from Girl, Interrupted, Requiem for a Dream and the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars.

mark paul gosselaar saved by the bell cell phone 90s brick

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Flashback Friday: Dinosaur Edition

Admittedly I wasn't a huge dinosaur fan when I was a kid, other than Jurassic Park. Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! Despite this, I know dinosaurs are and were a big thing to a lot of children out there. They even make toys, and movies staring them, so you know they're legit. What other dinosaur toys, movies, books, or TV shows do you remember from your childhood?

barney tyrannosaurus rex baby bop bj riff

Don't lie to me. You watched it. You sang. You danced.

kids dinosaur toys collection

A solid collection. Was yours bigger?

jurassic park movie still frame lobby T rex dinosaur

They just don't make dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park anymore.

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the big book of dinosaurs kids book

Buy The Big Book of Dinosaurs at Amazon.com

nat geo dinosaur book hardcover young adults

Buy the National Geographic Dinosaurs book on Amazon.com

land before time dinosaurs movie tv show cartoons

Land Before Time!

dinosaurs tv tgif abc show cast dinos

Great TV show. I also used this image in the TGIF Edition of Flashback Friday.


#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 8

Remember when I called the last Hashtags That Should Be Trending a monthly thing, four months ago? Yeah, that was pretty funny.

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#beansoup - You can’t deny when it comes to soups, a nice bean soup is one of the best soups. Sure, chowder and spicy gumbo also are featured at the top, but you can’t beat a bean soup with some homemade bread on a rainy autumn day. Tell the twitter world about the great bean soup you just consumed.

I preemptively apologize to my nearby co-workers for tomorrow's ensuing disaster. #beansoup

bowl of bean soup pinto

Mmmmm bean soup.

#wingman - Sitting at the bar listening to this chick drone on about how her cats are the cutest things ever? This Bud’s hashtag’s for you.

Seriously, this chick won’t shut up about her new kitten. #wingman

old time wing man war plane fighter pilot

You'll have no problem getting this guy to be your wingman.

#paulwalkerstyle - Only examples will be able to adequately explain the greatness of this hashtag.

Cruising down the freeway at a mellow 95mph. Racing some guy in a Honda.  #nbd #paulwalkerstyle

Just joined #TheSkulls at my local Ivy League Universtiy. A Skull above any other. #paulwalkerstyle

Got done with a long run. Got a little scared running down the back alley behind that strip club though. #paulwalkerstyle #getit?

paul walker photo shoot

Paul Walker getting his picture taken, Paul Walker Style.

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Awesome Weekend Links From Around the Net! 6/24/2012

[Picture] If you spend enough time on the internet you'll get this and maybe have a chuckle. If not you are no doubt thinking, "The internet is right once again, it doesn't matter because this kid is double fisting Chex."

[Morbid?] Thanks to reddit I found myself spending multiple hours reading about serial killers in the United States. A great resource was this wikipedia page titled "List of serial killers in the United States". Very informative.

[Video] I know this is pretty old. Six years old to be more precise. It's still funny and still just super. Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton post The Chappelle Show and Africa.

[Funny] I met this cool dude, @shoutabyss, on Twitter recently. He likes being negative about most things, much like me. Read his take on the National Rifle Association.

[Music] This is just an old Song of the Day post from us featuring some TV On The Radio and Breaking Bad.


Flashback Friday: Food Edition

It's been a bit since the last Flashback Friday. This week's month's edition is all food, snacks and pop from the glory days. Let us know what we missed below!

planters cheez balls snack

josta soda pop guarana 90s

warheads candy sour 90s kids

7up dnl upside down citrus pop soda

3d doritos chips snacks

blue pepsi pop cola

oreo o cereal post cookies