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Song of the [Time frame I’m no longer adhering to]: St. Vincent – Cheerleader

I-I-I-I-I-IIIII just wanted to share this track from St. Vincent's 2011 album, Strange Mercy. I have only just started listen to her but am enjoying it so far. Once again, I'm pretty late to the party. I'm arriving to the party so late it is actually the morning, and the house is a fucking mess, I can hear a girl throwing up somewhere and multiple people should regret things they no longer remember.

St. Vincent came out with a new album this month titled St. Vincent. I have listened to it once and am listening to it again as I write this, so that's a good sign. Check that out if you like this song.

Enjoy, I know I-I-I-I-I-IIIIII did. Although I haven't watched the video, so let me know if that's any good. Thanks.

St. Vincent - Cheerleader


Song of the Week: Metronomy – “She Wants”

the english rivera album cover blue tree metronomy

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According to the number of views on their five or six music videos currently on Youtube, I am late to the Metronomy - The English Rivera craze. A friend recently recommended them and I am really enjoying TER. It's a fun, poppy, indie album that will pass the time enjoyably. If you like this, check out some of their other tracks, The Look and The Bay which are the two most popular on Youtube.




Metronomy - "She Wants"


Song of the Week: Nightmare Of You – “My Name is Trouble”

[Editor's Note]: Clearly songs are not going up everyday so the previous title of "Song of the Day" was an obvious ploy for you to come back everyday looking for a new song. This did not work as I had hoped so it is time to change the title to reflect the actual posting frequency of songs. I introduce, the new and more aptly named, "Song of the Week"! A song coming every Sunday. Now enjoy the first "Song of the Week" from Bryan James.

If you like Jared Leto doppelgangers or you like The Cure but don't think they're snarky enough, Nightmare Of You is for you. Brandon Reilly has a knack for composition, leading to some awesomely arranged songs. They've been around for almost a decade now and have never really found a foothold in the larger music scene.

This band is also great for those who are looking for some obscure but easily-palatable bands with which to annoy their friends. Enjoy!

Nightmare Of You - "My Name is Trouble"


Song of the Day: Clutch – “Electric Worry”

If you like rocky, bluesy jams, you ended up on the correct page. I wouldn't say I know much about Clutch's collective work but “Electric Worry” off of From Beale Street to Oblivion has always made me wish I would seek out more of their work. This song is catchy as hell and so damn fun. You'll have “Bang, bang, bang/ Vamonos, vamonos” stuck in your head for at minimum 22 hours. Maybe you'll better than me and listen to more of their 20 years of work, including 10 studio albums. BE BETTER THAN ME DAMN IT.

Clutch - "Electric Worry"


Song of the Day: Portugal. The Man – “Evil Friends”

Portugal. The Man recently came out with their seventh studio album, Evil Friends. Despite my love of a couple of their albums, I haven't yet fully listened to Evil Friends. I plan to soon though, and you should also do the same because of the half listen I gave it was classic Portugal. The Man.

"Evil Friends", the album titled song has a pretty great video that is shot all in night vision. The snowy-ness, clothes, and hatchets remind me of my days living in the U.P. of Michigan (also some weekends I spent in northern Wisconsin). So if you are from there, you might enjoy it even more. Song is decent and picks up a bit into it. Give it a listen, WOULD YA ALREADY?!

Portugal. The Man - "Evil Friends"

Liked this? Check out another Portugal. The Man song, "So American".