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Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – Wolf

Tyler Creator Wolf Album Cover 2013

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A quick review of Wolf from Bryan James. Watch the music video for "Domo 23" below the review.

Wolf is Tyler, the Creator’s third and probably last album for a while as he makes a move for the producer’s chair. It’s also the first album  since his relatively quick rise to prominence. The record is structured the same as the last two albums with a prologue, epilogue, and a story that runs through the length of the album.

I was not disappointed as much as Tyler seemed to be about the outcome of this album. There are songs so good that they overshadow his previous work, however there are also some songs that sound uninspired and uninterested. Songs like ‘Tamale’ or ‘Awkward’ seem to have been hastily put together.

What this album comes down to, in my opinion, is whether the good songs outweigh the bad; they do. At times you may feel disappointed by what you’re hearing but the beauty is it won’t take long before the record picks up again.

3.5 of 5.

Notable Tracks: Domo 23, Jamba, Rusty, Pigs


10 Worst Pop Songs from the Past Five Years (or so)

kesha sleazy tour skank eye

What is going on here? What is on her eye?

There is A LOT of bad music floating around on those airwaves and pumping through those tubes. Let's reflect on some of the worst from the last few years. It's not an end all, be all of the worst, however. There are hundreds of terrible pop songs that could easily make this top 10 list.  Hell, if I made this list 2 months ago, it would have been completely different.* I think this is a pretty solid list though, albeit almost too obvious and easy.

I will send you $1 if you listen to all of these songs in one sitting. No joke.

Editor's Note: I think I could have switched around the top five songs, let me know what you think in the comments.



10. Ashlee Simpson - L.O.V.E.

9. Paris Hilton - Stars are Blind

8. LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

7. Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

6. Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That (Soulja Boy)

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Song of the Day: Sage Francis – “Slow Down Gandhi”

I've been jamming to Sage Francis' 2005 album A Healthy Distrust the past few days on the way home from work when NPR is talking about something too interesting, like Afghanistan cop training and lack of court systems. I started to listen to NPR recently because the radio top 40 gets old after about 10 minutes. You should also check out the new black rimmed glasses I wear only when I have my contacts in and my brand new tweed jacket. I think it looks pretty sharp.

Wait, what the fuck am I talking about? Oh yeah, Sage Francis. It's hard to call it rap, because it's not. It's hard to call it hip-hop, because there is no hippity or hoppity. But it's something and I really enjoy it because not only are the lyrics thought provoking and in line with my general views, but it is also very singable. You should see me attempt to sing along in the car. And you actually could if you traveled along 96 doing an average 40mph during during rush hour on the weekdays.

Anyways, sorry for my rambling. Just listen to the song and if you are 30 seconds in and don't like it, turn it off, and try out Of Monsters and Men - "Your Bones". If you don't like that, just fucking leave and never come back. Cheers!


Song(s) of the Day: Atmosphere – “Your Glass House” and “You”

I decided one Atmosphere song just wasn't enough so here are two. Both are from the 2008 album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold which I have enjoyed many times. I hope you have too.

Check out Atmosphere on their Website, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy the tunes!

Atmosphere - "Your Glass House"


Atmosphere - "You"


New Music Video: Gorillaz ft. Andre 300 & James Murphy- “DoYaThing”

I first heard about this song last week and listened to the 14 minute version on music blog, Stereogum, multiple times. I enjoy it. They also had a "radio friendly" 5 minute version which the video is for below. It's weird. It's really odd. I'm not high enough to enjoy it or understand what is going on. Maybe I'm not well enough versed in the Gorillaz world to understand. Regardless, it's still worth watch and most importantly a listen.

Gorillaz ft. Andre 300 & James Murphy - "DoYaThing"