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Pictures of People: Todd Starnes

Starting a new feature around here, Pictures of People. You guessed right, it is pictures of people.

Enjoy these pictures of the political commentator and columnist, Todd Starnes. You can read all about him on his Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Starnes.


todd starnes gun fox and friends

Todd Starnes, on his way to steal your man.

 Source: Western Journalism
todd starnes radio stock photography

Hey, guys.

Source: Fox News Radio
todd starnes whatever office suit picture


Source: The Daily Banter
todd starnes photo small hat pc police

Uh, okay, dude.

Source: Twitter (@pattymo)

todd starnes photo big hat pee politics

Maybe cool it with the pee drinking. Cool big hat though.

Source: Twitter (@frknbns)

tood starnes book signing

This tastes good :)

Source: Twitter

todd starnes winner politics pee drinking news


Source: Twitter


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TTMML: FRANKIEonPCin1080p – GETTING STARTED! – Arma 3: Altis Life – Ep. 1

A friend, who is more into computer games than myself, recently sent me this video. Since it is 20 minutes long I was hesitant to watch but after being told, “dude, this is hilarious” or something to that effect, I gave it a shot.

Hearing the first words spoken was all I needed. Not only did I watch this first 20 minute video, but I have spent countless hours watching FRANKIEonPCin1080p's videos over the past two weeks. I could listen to British people talk for hours, and I have.

The premise of this game is essentially a very large game of “Cops and Robbers”. Frankie and his pal run around the game dicking around with the natural order of the cop/robber relationship. Along the way there are jokes, laughing and people who recognize his very recognizable voice. He has a fairly large following from his similar, but less mocking, DayZ videos.

If you like video games and laughing, or just like listening to the soothing British voice, give this sitcom length video a shot. If you make it through the end, can you please answer the question, “who the hell are the people that play cops in this game?”

Check out FRANKIEonPCin1080p on Youtube.

Getting Started! - Arma 3: Altis Life – Ep 1


TTMML: Nick Thune – “Disarmed” [Youtube]

This week on Things That Make Me Laugh...

I found this heartbreaking documentary over on the JASH Network/buhhhhhhhhhhhhh Youtube channel. JASH network is comprised of Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts. buh is the sister channel that puts up great comedy from like minded people (and friends?). You'll see familiar faces like Paul Scheer, Hannibal Buress, Jenny Slate and more.

Nick Thune wasn't a familiar face to me but I had heard his voice on multiple podcasts, most recently on Comedy Bang! Bang! episode 202. Funny episode, especially if you'd like to hear Philip Seymour Hoffman fucking Paul Giamatti.

Back to the reason we are here.

"Disarmed" is the story of a comedian who tries to overcome his life's greatest setback. A broken arm. You might think this is a little silly, but have you ever seen a person with a broken limb preform on the live stage? YEAH, me neither. If you got the 13 minutes and want to laugh, think and cry, give it a watch!

A few of my favorite quotes:

"He was a famous basketball player, he played for the Wizards."

"And maybe someday he'll be able to get back up on that bunk bed and light his fart. It sounds so stupid, but I feel like I can almost smell his fart...And it smells good."

Nick Thune - "Disarmed"


TTMML: Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins and Guests [Youtube]

This TTMML isn't “HAHAHAHAH” funny, it's more, “huh that's interesting and this tickles my insides” funny.

Paul F. Tompkins is someone I have grown to find hilarious and respect as a human. He's in my top two comedians who make their way into Comedy Bang Bang episodes with his many characters, from Ice. T to CAKE BOSS (...cake boss). He also has his own podcast, Paul F. Tompcasat, which I haven't given the time of day yet. I'm awful, but there are too many podcasts.

Anywho, I'm not here to tell you all his life's work, but merely to highlight the Youtube interview series, “Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins and Guests”. Centered in a speakeasy looking bar, PFT and guest have a specialty drink and talk. It's not solely around the promotion of a project, which I can't stand, but goes into many aspects of their life’s work.

Paul F. Tompkins on Tumblr and Twitter.

Here are some of my favorite episodes, with one embedded below.

Mad Men's Alison Brie is Awesome (Speakeasy)

Speakeasy with Julia Stiles - Full Episode

Speakeasy with Doug Benson - Full Episode

Speakeasy - Seth Green on Stand Up Trauma, Child Actors, and Star Wars

Speakeasy with Nick Kroll - Full Episode



TTMML: Will Sasso Lemon Videos [Vine]

If you've been keeping up with my recent posting, I did a few TTMML posts with Jason Nash Vines. He's not the only one out there making hilarious six second skits. Arguably Will Sasso's Vines are even better. Here is a YouTube compilation video of all some(?) of his world famous (over 2 million views already) Lemon Videos.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter to see his other funny Vines that include impersonations from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal and more.