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Things That Make Me Laugh: Forest Moon – “Vespula Christmas”

I like to laugh. I like to consume things that make me laugh. Movies, TV, podcasts, video shorts, writings and even tweets. Oh, can't forget the funny memes with animals wearing human clothes. Those a pretty funny too. I decided I should share some of these things with more than just the few people I converse with nearly daily on the internet. So please enjoy and look forward for a couple of these to pop up every month.

I have posted Forest Moon comedy skits previously, but it has been awhile. Based on their Twitter activity their video production rate as decreased greatly. It was well worth the wait because "Vespula Christmas" is their funniest video yet. A group of claymation (Playdo?) people are around a table talking and eating during the Holiday Season. Some guy really wants to pass the green beans, there is a racist old guy, a token black guy “with the big black schlong,” and a man who "Internet Bangs" like no other. The crudeness reminds me of early South Park but in a different visual medium and actually helps add to the humor of it all. The voices and script are great, so give it a watch.

If that's not enough to convince you, how about a little guilt? It took them 3.5 weeks to produce this video.

Like this video? Check out their Youtube Channel and subscribe or their Funny or Die page where I’m sure they have some sort of subscribe/follow thingy. Also, Twitter.


  • Cat food
  • Ball gag
  • Milk



Comedy Video of the Day: Forest Moon Crew – “Curb Turkey”

forest moon crew skit comedy group logo

NSFW for language, sex talk, and being funny.

"Come on you sexy sex monster, come bask my curb turkey with your...mouth gravy."

I only know of Forest Moon Crew because one day, many months ago, they followed the 20 Something Awesome Twitter account. (@20SomeAwesome). I noticed this, and then watched one of their videos. This turned into me watching all of their videos on their Funny or Die account. Some were better than others but overall I had some great laughs. Since then I've been sure to check out all their new stuff, which I always know about, because they tweet about it constantly the days following a new release. I forgive them because they make me laugh. I decided more people need to see these videos, although they have a fair amount of total views on their Funny or Die channel, so I plan on posting some of their work on here.

I plan to post other comedy shorts and skits that I find funny under the Comedy Video of the Day. If you think there is something funny more people should see, get a hold of me on Twitter and send me a link.

Forest Moon Crew around the Web:


Facebook Page - Forest Moon Crew




Link-A-Dinks 12/4/2011

[TV] The Flight of the Conchords want to make a movie! HUZZAH! Doesn’t mean it’s happening but boy, I sure hope it does.

[reddit] Strangers band together to helps save a boy’s life for no reason other than to save a boy’s life. Viva la reddit!

[Sports] Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles during their game, goes Beastmode and gets free Skittles for 2 years. What a life.

[Funny] Mmmmmmmm Pop-Tart Camera.

[Video] "Kit Kattin’...she broke me off a piece” Curb Turkey by Forest Moon


Artist Spotlight: James Franco

Last week we were approached by a friend that wanted to write a piece for 20SA.  We gladly accepted because we're lazy and this meant there would be one less thing we had to write this week.  Without further ado, may we present to you a piece written by a man they call Danger Tucker.

By now, you’ve surely heard of James Franco. If you follow movies at all, chances are you’ve seen him in the Spider Mans, Pineapple Express or even more recently in 127 Hours.  There was also that time he hosted the Oscars.  Or, if you’re an avid follower of the site, which obviously you are, you noticed that even one of our featured artists, Hoodie Allen, basically nominated a whole track to the guy.

So, what is it about Franco that has everybody from the Academy to white rappers buzzing? Well, we could chalk it up to his good looks or his success as an actor, two things widely agreed upon (admit it, you think he’s a stud…ahem, an acting stud).
Although he may be known more for his more serious roles as of late (Milk, 127 Hours), Franco came onto the scene when he landed a lead role in the short-lived TV comedy series, Freaks and Geeks, a show that was also the launching point for current stars Jason Segel and Seth Rogan.

One of the things that caught my attention about the videos being featured today was something that Seth Rogan noted while filming Pineapple Express with Franco.  Rogan alluded to the fact that he and Franco had the same start with Freaks and Geeks but then didn’t really have the opportunity to work together again because Franco took on more serious opportunities while Rogan continued to pursue comedic roles. Pineapple Express was Franco’s return to comedy and a chance to show movie-goers his comedic-range.

What I found noteworthy about the videos is that they’re a continuation of Franco’s digression from his serious roles; and that gave me a new perspective on the actor.  His ability to make fun of himself and essentially his career, while still managing to heckle his brother, shows a different, and very funny, side of the actor who’s best known for being a whiny rich kid/bad guy or stranded badass.

In the videos, dubbed “Acting with James Franco,” Franco uses his brother, Davey (Dave (y)), in an effort to teach the common person the essentials of acting: sense memory, utilizing the green screen and scene work.  Sense memory means being able to cry on screen, which means evoking painful memories.  Utilizing the green screen means riding the glider, which means dodging webs, bottles and T-Rex.  Anything can happen in green screen.  And scene work means recreating famous scenes and going the full distance.  Marlon Brando and James Dean did it.

Episode 1: Sense Memory

Acting With James Franco Episode 1: "Sense Memory" from James Franco

Episode 2: Green Screen

Acting with James Franco Episode 2: "Green Screen" from James Franco

Episdoe 3:  Scene Work

Acting with James Franco Episode 3: Scene Work from James Franco