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Song of the Day: Father John Misty – “Nancy From Now On”

You can't not like a song that starts "Oooooh, Poooour meeeee another drink. And punch me in the face. You can call me Nancy."

Yeah, the video is just, if not more, kinkier than that. It keeps it mostly PG-13 but is a nice dream like, sex free, fetish hooker hotel experience. I hear you pay extra for the studded leather bra. A...a...a guy I...a friend told me. Back to the video...

It has more of a story to it than just that and ends with a jaw dropping twist. And, I believe that was a nipple. Yes, we have nipple conformation. So listen and watch, or just listen, or just watch. Either way you shouldn't be disappointed.

Not too long ago I used another Father John Misty song as the Song of the Day. If you liked this one, check out the "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" video featuring Aubrey Plaza.

Father John Misty - "Nancy From Now On"


Song of the Day: Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”

As of yet, I have not listened to much of the Fleet Foxes' collection. I did give a former member's new solo act a try recently though. Josh Tillman the former drummer and a vocal provider is Father John Misty and Father Jon Misty put out his first album, Fear Fun, earlier this Spring. I must say it is pretty awesome. What's also awesome is this video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings". Rarely do I feel anything from a music video, but this song perfectly encapsulates the emotions of losing someone you love. I would imagine at the least. I picture myself watching this video in the future, at a time of loss and bawling my eyes out.  It doesn't hurt that Aubrey Plaza plays the part perfectly. Give it a listen and watch. I promise, you will enjoy.

Father John Misty - "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"


Song of the Day: Frank Turner – “If Ever I Stray”

Again, Frank Turner is one of those names I've heard thrown around on Twitter for a few months and never got around to listening to. And again, a huge mistake. Frank, an English folk singer-songwriter, has recently come out with a new album, England Keep My Bones. It reminds me quite a bit of Frightened Rabbit, and in some ways a "harder" Mumford & Sons. It's probably because of the whole United Kingdom relation though. Give "If Ever I Stray" a listen. If not, instead "Take me down to the English Channel" and "Throw me in where the water is shallow". Please don't forget to "drag me back to shore".

If you enjoy it, support Frank and buy 'England Keep My Bones' on Amazon.com

Frank Turner - "If Ever I Stray"


Song of the Day: Band of Horses – “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The”

Alright, so the title makes no sense, so what. This song played a huge part in the Season 4 finale of the show Psych (Check out my site about Burton Guster's Nicknames). It is a real emotional sequence of events that had me in tears, as I'm sure it would leave you. Even without the montage of deceit, hard choices and near death experiences the song is still poignant. Please enjoy this track by Band of Horses from their 2006 album, Everything All the Time. Good Day! Band of Horses - "I Go to the Barn Because I like The"

  What's your favorite Band of Horses track? Let us know in the comments below.


Song of the Day: Of Monsters and Men – “Your Bones” [Live]

Ever since a friend sent me "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men, I have been hooked. Listen to that song here. Recently I saw this live rendition of "Your Bones" on the Subreddit /r/ListenToThis over on reddit and really enjoyed it. /r/Listentothis is a great place to find out about some new music that isn't that mainstream. Hipster points! If you are into Indie Folk music, such as Mumford & Sons, be sure to have a listen.

Of Monsters and Men is an Icelandic band from, get this, Iceland. They speak perfect English, most likely better than me, or yous. So don't worry about having to speak Icelandic, or whatever ever crazy stuff they speak over there. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace where you can listen to their music. This is also their website, http://ofmonstersandmen.is/ (The '.is' stands for "Is from Iceland". The more you know!).

Of Monsters and Men - "Your Bones"