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New Music Video: Childish Gambino- “Bonfire”

Childish Gambino made his 20SA debut a couple months ago when we put up his hit song, "Freaks and Geeks" as the Song of the Day. Earlier this week he realeased the video for the first single off of this new album Camp (November 15th). "Bonfire" has been making the rounds around the internet for a couple of months, after he put the song up on his Soundcloud page, and since then I have been really enjoying it. I hope you do to.

Childish Gambino- "Bonfire"


Song of the Day: Childish Gambino- “Freaks and Geeks”

If you know nothing about Childish Gambino, or never actually heard of him, he is a rap/hip-hop artist who is also an actor named Donald Glover. He appears in such things as the NBC show Community. He was a writer for 30 Rock. He was also in the comedy group Derrick Comedy which did such things as the famous "Bro Rape" viral video and also made the movie Mystery Team, which is hilarious if you haven't seen it.

Check out his music video for "Freaks and Geeks" below and also check out Donald Glover's Blog for news, pretty pictures and free songs.

Childish Gambino- "Freaks and Geeks"