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Comedy Video of the Day: Forest Moon Crew – “Curb Turkey”

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NSFW for language, sex talk, and being funny.

"Come on you sexy sex monster, come bask my curb turkey with your...mouth gravy."

I only know of Forest Moon Crew because one day, many months ago, they followed the 20 Something Awesome Twitter account. (@20SomeAwesome). I noticed this, and then watched one of their videos. This turned into me watching all of their videos on their Funny or Die account. Some were better than others but overall I had some great laughs. Since then I've been sure to check out all their new stuff, which I always know about, because they tweet about it constantly the days following a new release. I forgive them because they make me laugh. I decided more people need to see these videos, although they have a fair amount of total views on their Funny or Die channel, so I plan on posting some of their work on here.

I plan to post other comedy shorts and skits that I find funny under the Comedy Video of the Day. If you think there is something funny more people should see, get a hold of me on Twitter and send me a link.

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