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TTMML: Broad City [Comedy Central]

Bored, far from it. Brode, getting there. Brood, not quite. BROAD City. There we go. <--This is dumb, probably should delete.

Broad City is a new Comedy Central half hour comedy, Executive-ly produced by Amy Poehler, and it is hilarious. Now, I'm only basing this off of one episode, but have I ever steered you wrong before? Not that I know of.

Starring and created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Broad City follows the life of two women living and working(?) in New York City. The show actually got it's start on Youtube as a web series (you can watch here, https://www.youtube.com/user/BroadCity, watch first episode below.) in 2010, which I have not yet watched, but have added it to my long list of things to watch, read, listen to, etc.

The show is on after Workaholics on Wednesday's at 10:30pm EST. Call your local cable provider to make sure you have Comedy Central.


New on Netflix Instant Streaming: South Park Season 15

SOUTH PARK is no longer on Netflix Instant Streaming. You can watch it on South Park Studios or see our other New on Netflix Instant Streaming posts.

south park season 15 dvd cover art boxSouth Park Season 15

Creator: Matt Stone (Basketball), Trey Parker (Team America: World Police)
Starring: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Genre: Comedy, Cartoon
Episodes: 14
Network: Comedy Central

Why You Should Watch It: We included South Park in our Top comedies to watch on Netflix list months ago. Since then a new Season has been added to the now 15 seasons you can watch on Netflix Instant. Season 15 has many notable episodes, including: "HumancentiPad", "Broadway Bro Down", "1%" and "A history Channel Thanksgiving". A big difference between the TV version and this, is the lack of censorship (And commercials!). Admittedly Cartman’s side story in "HumancentiPad" about his mom “fucking him” gets old with all of the fucks and so does the plot-line itself, but it’s still better than constant bleeping. Clearly, if you have never liked South Park you won’t start liking it with this season. If you do enjoy South Park and missed some or all of Season 15, you can now catch up. Or, if you really enjoy South Park rewatch them all again, like I plan on doing.

Let us know what you thought of season 15 of South Park, or even season 16 that has been airing recently.


New on Netflix Instant: Jon Benjamin Has a Van

jon benjamin has a van show comedy central Jon Benjamin Has a Van (2011)

Creator: H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Home Videos), Leo Allen (Important Things with Demetri Martin
H. Jon Benjamin, Leo Allen, Nathan Fielder (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Allison McCurdy (Bruce Almighty), Gary Wilmes (Salt, Birds of America)
Skit, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Network: Comedy Central

Why You Should Watch It: It seems only fitting that Jon Benjamin Has a Van would make its way over to Netflix. You can also hear HJB’s sweet sweet voice on Archer and Bob’s Burgers which are both on Netflix. Remember when we recommended them both to yous? Yeah, yous.

The biggest difference between this show and those two cartoons is that this one is not a cartoon. But wait, it doesn't end there, JB Has a Van is a skit show and only has a very loose plot which sometimes surrounds the happenings of the Van. It’s a pretty sweet van, check below.

I admit the show is not for everyone, it is dry, and at times very odd humor. I feel, if you like Bob’s Burgers or Archer or Conan or other skit shows you’d really enjoy this show. JBHV has had a plethora of guest stars too, including Chris Parnell, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Andy Richter and more. Hopefully Comedy Central keeps it on for another season—or three—because I don’t think 10 episodes is enough.


h jon benjamin next to blue show van

The classiest rape van you'll ever see.