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Caption and RT Contest with @BreakingBadQT

After a successful RT contest on Twitter (Winner!), I decided to to run it again. This time with an accompanying caption contest for a funny Breaking Bad screenshot.

There are essentially two contests, both of which will have one winner. The winners will receive a $25 Amazon Gift card to buy this Breaking Bad shirt.

 breaking bad tshirt i am the danger contest

Click image or Click Here to see the shirt on Amazon.com.

How to Enter Contests:

1. This one is simple. RT this tweet:

2. Write a caption for this image in the comments below. I will choose the caption I like the best. Humor and cleverness will go a long way.

hosing off breaking bad kiddie pool amc

You can enter both, but only once for each contest.

I will DM the winner of the RT contest via Twitter to get their email address and will have the winner of the caption contest email 20SomethingAwesome [at] gmail [dot] com. I will then email them the Gift Card code from Amazon so they can get their shirt!

Both contests end on January 30th (Thursday) at 11:59pm EST.

Good Luck!!!


Note: You obviously can use that $25 for whatever you'd like, if you have other needs that are more important than a Breaking Bad shirt.



Song of the Day: TV on the Radio- “DLZ”

I recently re-heard this sweet jam while catching up with Breaking Bad that is now on Netflix Instant Streaming (which you should be watching if you aren't). I've listened to this song many times prior because Dear Science is an awesome album, but hearing it in the show reminded me of it's greatness. So listen to the full song below along with watching the scene from Breaking Bad, in which it is featured and used powerfully.

TV on the Radio- "DLZ"


"DLZ" on Breaking Bad


New On Netflix Instant Streaming: Breaking Bad

This New on Netflix Instant Streaming is a bit different than our previous '5 movies per post' standard but Breaking Bad gets special treatment. Once you start watching, you'll know why. Expect another, "standard," New on Netflix post early next week!

breaking bad amc tv show post faceBreaking Bad (2008-Present)

Creator: Vince Gilligan (The X-Files, Hancock)
Starring: Bryan Cranston (Malcom in the Middle), Anna Gunn (Enemy of the State, Red State), Aaron Paul (Mission: Impossible 3, Van Wilder)
Genre: Drama, Crime
Episodes: 33 (Current Season not on Netflix Instant)

Why You Should Watch It:
Admittedly I have not seen every episode of Breaking Bad, (which is why I'm so fucking excited for this) but from what I remember from the first season, and the few random episodes I've seen, this show is top-notch. That acting is incredible, which is why Bryan Cranston has won the Emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series" three years in a row and Aaron Paul won "Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" this past year. The writing and story-line is just as impressive. Who wouldn't think a former chemistry high school teacher recently diagnosed with cancer turned drug chemist/seller would make for a great TV show? I wouldn't want to meet the person who doesn't. It is one of the most critically aclaimed shows of the past decade and I'm sure anything you have heard about it already is just as gushing as this write up. So do exactly like me and start watching right....now!