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Song(s) of the Day: A Few Tracks From the Film Drive

If you haven't seen Drive yet, you'll probably want too. After Anton and I saw this film yesterday I decided to make a bonus Song of the Day post. Why you ask? Because the score was awesome in this movie and people should hear it, although you should just go see the movie instead.

Here are a few of the tracks from the soundtrack. Below is also the full song list for the soundtrack.

Kavinsky ft. Lovefoxxx- "Night Call"


College ft. Electric Youth- "A Real Hero"


Desire- "Under Your Spell"


Riz Ortolani ft. Katyna Ranieri- "Oh My Love"


Drive Soundtrack, Score by Cliff Martinez

1. Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
2. Under Your Spell - Desire
3. A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) - College
4. Oh My Love (feat. Katyna Ranieri) - Riz Ortolani
5. Tick of the Clock - Chromatics
6. Rubber Head - Cliff Martinez
7. I Drive - Cliff Martinez
8. He Had a Good Time - Cliff Martinez
9. They Broke His Pelvis - Cliff Martinez
10. Kick Your Teeth - Cliff Martinez
11. Where's the Deluxe Version? - Cliff Martinez
12. See You in Four - Cliff Martinez
13. After The Chase - Cliff Martinez
14. Hammer - Cliff Martinez
15. Wrong Floor - Cliff Martinez
16. Skull Crushing - Cliff Martinez
17. My Name on a Car - Cliff Martinez
18. On The Beach - Cliff Martinez
19. Bride of Deluxe - Cliff Martinez

Posted by on September 28th 2011

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