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Song of the Day: STRFKR – “Julius”

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If you are one of five people, you may remember us posting a Starfucker song over one year ago. "Bury Us Alive" is from their 2011 album, Reptilians. In preparation of their new album, Miracle Mile (Feb. 19th, Listen to "Say to You" ), I have been re-listening to Reptilians and remembering why I ever listened to it more than once. Because it's awesome.

Today's Song of the Day is "Julius". Watch the video below. Two young teens go medieval on each other for the love of a girl. It gets pretty dark near the end. Heads are chopped off. Horses trample towns people. People are sunburned pretty bad. It's an all out massacre.

Not really. The good one beats the bad one and he gets the girl.

STRFKR - "Julius"

Posted by on January 30th 2013

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