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Song of the Day: Don’t Stop or We’ll Die – “Once in Awhile”

While I tool away at work I jam to the sweet, soothing sounds of humans talking. Sometimes referred to as "podcasts". One of my favorites, which I wrote about it making me laugh, is Comedy Bang Bang. Currently I'm going through some of the older episodes, sometimes as far back as 2011. Back then Scott Aukerman and company would sometimes play songs during the "break". This is where I heard this fun song from Don't Stop or We'll Die, with members Michael Cassady, Paul Rust and Harris Wittels. PR and HW are frequent guests on the podcast and self proclaimed funny people. The first time hearing "Once in Awhile" I thought it sounded very Ben Folds-y and I enjoyed it. I decided to see what else Don't Stop or We'll Die made and sadly I was pretty disappointed.  The song below is arguably their best. Give it a listen, but you can probably skip the rest.


Posted by on February 6th 2013

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  • Robert (totheescapehatch.com)

    Very catchy tune.