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Song of the Day: Sleigh Bells – “Kids”

Today we're going a little more upbeat with a song I pulled from the trailer of the new Taylor Lautner flick Abduction.  This song is catchy and will probably get your blood flowing a little with it's fast pace and repetitive beat.  Then you'll start listen to Sleigh Bells other songs and you'll realize that they all sound the same and are pretty repetitive.  It took me 40 minutes to realize that I was listening to more than one song because they all sounded the same and were really repetitive.  If you like the repetitive catchiness of "Paper Planes" by MIA then you'll probably like like this song/band because it's pretty catchy and repetitive.

Anyways, it's worth a listen so here you go.

Posted by on August 17th 2011

  • tim

    I liked how you worked in that it was repetitive very repetitively.