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New on Netflix Instant Streaming: Rounders

Edit: I may have jumped the gun on this one. My "sources" stated it would be on Netflix June 1st. If it doesn't show up soon, I will take this down until it is actually true.

Double Edit: It is now up, click link below to watch it on Netflix.

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Rounders (1998)

Director: John Dahl (Joy Ride, The Last Seduction)
Writer: David Levien (Ocean's 13, Runaway Jury), Brian Koppelman (Ocean's 13, Runaway Jury)
Starring: Matt Damon (Matt Damon), Edward Norton (American History X, Fight Club), Paul Cicero (Analyze That), John Malkovich (Con Air, Being John Malkovich), John Turturro (Mr. Deeds, Transformers)
Genre: Drama, Crime, Poker

Why You Should Watch It: If you have played poker more than once in your life, you have mostly likely seen this movie. I guess this post is more of a PSA for those people than anything else. If you are a more than once poker player and have not seen this movie, what is wrong with you? This is Matt Damon and Edward Norton at their late-nineties finest. Pre the Chris Moneymaker boom, this is the domino that fell before that one. Poker has been a game that has been played in saloons and whore houses for thousands of years, but today, even post Black Friday, poker is a HUGE global business partially in thanks to this movie. Matt Damon plays the infamous Mike McDermott who is a law student who happens to be brilliant when it comes to the game of poker.  He “vouches” for the wrong friend, Lester “Worm” Murphy (Norton), which lands him playing, for the second time, Teddie KGB (Malkovich) for “three stacks of high society”. With a great story, fairly bad representation of poker but still entertaining/funny, and with beatings in between, Mike helps his friend out of a jam and out wits the crazy Russian. Even without interest in poker I think it could be an enjoyable watch and might even spark a new interest for you.

Posted by on June 1st 2012

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  • 3guys1movie

    Nice I look forward to checking that out again.  Word on the street is Lost in Translation is now streaming as well.

    • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

      The streets you are on, are correct. I watched it again last night, actually. This movie still isn’t up yet though which is bumming me out because I don’t want to remove this and because I really want to watch it.

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