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New on Netflix Instant Streaming: Grumpy Old Men

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grumpy old men movie cover dvd artGrumpy Old Men (1993)

Director: Donald Petrie (Miss Congeniality, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)
Writer: Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Jack Frost)
Starring: Jack Lemmon (The Apartment, Glengarry Glen Ross), Walter Matthau (Dennis the Menace, Charade), Ann-Margret (Tommy, Any Given Sunday, The Cincinnati Kid), Burgess Meredith (Rocky I, II, III, V), Daryl Hannah (Blade Runner, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, 2, A Walk to Remember), Kevin Pollak (Casino, The Usual Suspects)
Genre: Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Holiday

Why You Should Watch It: Old people in real life scare the shit out of me. Their old, wrinkly, see through hands. Their lack of memory and terrible health. It’s all just too much for me to handle at once. However when it comes to old people talking and moving slowly through my TV screen, I cannot get enough of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in the two Grumpy Old Men movies. In the first movie, Grumpy Old Men, we meet two neighbors and who are seemingly lifelong frenimes (I hate myself) and they are fairly old. After a hot older lady moves in next door they both compete for her love. This results in some cute moments, mean old person pranks, and most importantly some comedy gold. It’s a fun movie to watch and as a bonus it sort of doubles as a Holiday/Christmas movie since it takes place in a very snowy Minnesota. So 8 months from now, don’t watch It’s a Wonderful Life, watch these two films instead.

Posted by on March 18th 2012

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  • James Keenan

    It sure seems like Netflix’s recent victories are few, far between, and pretty inconsequential.  I like this movie, but is it really a noteworthy accomplishment?  Sorry Netflix.  I used to have your services, but you just can’t make up your mind as to where your business is going.  I also just heard that Netflix is going to remove some of their services in order to promote an “original-content” campaign?  Good luck.  I have DISH now, and with that I got the Blockbuster @ Home movie package, and access to over 100,000 movies, games and TV shows.  Unlike Netflix, DISH is promoting their streaming services, having added over 6,000 titles last month.  DISH also lets you get/exchange titles at stores, online streaming or by mail, and even gives you an extra 20 HD movie channels to spice up your regular lineup!  A few DISH coworkers and I (all former Netflix customers) signed up for Blockbuster @ Home at the same time, and well, needless to say, we are ALL sticking with DISH.  Keep trying Netflix; if you keep messing losing customers, you’re going to end up the GRUMPIEST old men!