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New on Netflix Instant Streaming: December Dump List

It's the beginning of the month again and Netflix Instant Streaming has added some new quality movies and TV shows. Find something new to watch or be reminded of old favorites and watch them again.

Also added this month to Netflix Instant Streaming, some Walt Disney Classics!

New additions: December 24th.
sleepwalk with me netflix cover dvd mike birbiglia

Sleepwalk with Me (2011)

Director: Mike Birbiglia, Seth Barrish
Writer: Mike Birbiglia, Joe Birbiglia, Seth Barrish, Ira Glass
Starring: Mike Birbiglia, Lauren Ambrose, Carol Kane, James Rebhorn, Cristin Milioti
Genre: Comedy, Drama,

Why You Should Watch It: Mike Birbiglia aka Matt Pandamiglio is a wannabe stand up who reaches a cross road in his love life while “blowing up” in the Northeast/Midwest small time comedian circuit. If that wasn't enough, he is also dealing with a chronic and dangerous sleep walking problem. From the creative minds and work of Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass, of WBEZ’s This American Life fame, Sleepwalk with Me had a relatively small theater release and the popularity of the film is very much the work of the two. Loosely based on Mike Birbiglia's real life, you can hear more about it by listening to the many podcasts he has been on in the past 6 months where he talks about it.

Nerdist | You Made It Weird w/ Pete Holmes | This American Life

national lampoons christmas vacation netflix cover dvd

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation (1989)

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Writer: John Hughes
Starring: Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Juliette Lewis, Johny Galcki, Randy Quaid, Doris Roberts
Genre: Comedy, Family, Christmas

Why You Should Watch It: Arguably the best Christmas movie ever made. They just don’t make Christmas comedies like this anymore. Same can also be said for National Lampoon movies. Because any of the new ones coming out are terrible. Well I'm pretty sure most humans know of this movie and have seen it. If you haven't yet, now is your time to join the ranks of all other second and first world humans.



babymakers sex comedy romantic funny netflix

The Babymakers (2012)

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer: Peter Gaulke, Gerry Swallow
Starring: Paul Schneider, Olivia Munn, Kevin Heffernan, Nat Faxon, Michael Yurchak
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Baby-makin'

Why You Should Watch It: This “comedy” is about a couple who have trouble creating a child the old fashioned way. By boning. Turns out the guys little swimmers aren’t all that quick. He previously sold his sperm, while they still worked, as a way to make some extra cash. Now he wants to get that sperm back so it can be used to impregnate his wife the new fashioned way. By not boning. It’s not the funniest or greatest movie I’ve seen but I can see couples or newlyweds enjoying this film.



New additions: December 16th.

young adult chalize theron poster dvd cover art

Young Adult (2011)

Director: Jason Reitman
Writer: Diablo Cody
Starring: Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, Patton Oswalt
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent
NR (Basically a soft R)

Why You Should Watch It: Well reason number one is Charlize Theron. So stop reading and go watch. If she doesn't push your buttons, I’ll tell you a bit more about the movie. CT's (that’s what I call her, we’re tight) character is an alcoholic young adult ghost writer who has a mental break down. She heads back home to “woo” her old flame (Patrick Wilson) back after finding out that he just had a child. She meets an old acquaintance from high school that she doesn't remember (Patton Oswalt) and they become friends while she makes a fool of herself time and time again. It’s a slow-ish, semi-depressing indie film but if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll really enjoy it.


craigslist joe netflix dvd movie cover posterCraigslist Joe (2012)

Director: Joseph Garner
Writer: NA
Starring: Joseph Garner, Kristos Andrews, Gina Keatley
Genre: Documentary, Adventure
NR (Basically a soft R)

Why You Should Watch It: Joey Garner decides to spend 1 month living solely off the generosity of others through Craigslist. He starts off in LA and makes his way north, then east and finds himself in NYC for some time. The road then takes him south, and then back west to San Fran. Along the way he takes a break dancing class, stays with a Dominatrix, volunteers, and meets hundreds of people. It is an eclectic group of people he meets, some odder than others. A lot of them are “free thinkers” who seemingly have great adventures but frankly, they seem crazy to me. Joe really seems to come into his own towards the end which was nice to see because at the beginning he seemed unsure of himself and nervous. Worth a watch if you enjoy adventure, are about to go on your own adventure or just really like Craigslist.

New addition: December 8th.

it's always sunny in Philadelphia yellow group shot catIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005-Present)

Creator:  Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day
Starring: Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, Kaitlin Olson
Genre: Comedy,
Episodes: 84 (7 Seasons)
Network: FX

Why You Should Watch It: It's Always Sunny has been called "Seinfeld on crack," and for good reason. The characters only ever care about themselves and the show involves crack far more often than Seinfeld ever did. It's quick, outrageous, and hilarious. I'm a Sunny Hipster, in that I think the first few seasons are far better than the later seasons. Seasons 1-4 are top notch but from 5 on, there is just a bit too much screaming and the characters have become to charactery. They just seem to be trying too hard to be the chacters they think they have become. If that makes sense (it doesn't). Don't get me wrong, it's still worth a watch and some of the episodes are in the later seasons are great, but the Season 1 & 2 DVD I have of this show is one of my prized possessions.


 Originally posted: December 3rd.

half baked dvd poster cover art

Half Baked (1998)

Director: Tamra Davis
Writer: Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan
Starring: Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Diaz, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, Rachel True
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Stoner movie

Why You Should Watch It: If you have smoked weed more than 3 times and have not seen this movie, you are a terrible person. Stop what you are doing, and watch this movie. Three friends set out to raise the money to bail a friend who mistakenly lands in jail.  It’s arguably the best stoner movie of all time. It has some great cameos in it too: Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget and more! I WANNA TALK TO SAMPSON!



how i met your mother group red chair posterHow I Met Your Mother: Season 7 (2005-Present)

Creator:  Carter Bays, Craig Thomas
Starring:  Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Bob Saget
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sitcom
Episodes: 160 (7 Seasons)
Network: CBS

Why You Should Watch It:  After only seeing a few rouge episodes, here and there, I decided to watch them all. I thought I was too good for the laugh track, but 3.5 seasons in I hardly notice it anymore. The uniqueness of this seemingly standard sitcom keeps me coming back for more. I think to truly enjoy this you'd have to be in your mid to late 20's or older. I know most of these character's "problems" wouldn't matter to me when I was in high school or early years of college. If you're looking for a new 30 minute sitcom to watch obsessively for the next few weeks, this is it.



scream horror movie cover art dvdScream (1996)

Director: Wes Craven
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Starring: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore,
Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery

Why You Should Watch It: This super scary flick has been on Netflix before, but is back again for who knows how long.



Read what I said about it over a year ago, or don't and just watch it.

bad boys two dvd cover artBad Boys II (2003)

Director: Michael Bay
Writer: Marianne Wibberley
Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gabrielle Union
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Why You Should Watch It: I haven't seen this in awhile, but will expand later





Quick Notes: Michael Bay in his early explosions career. Smith and Lawrence play off each other well and are pretty damn funny. It didn't win any Emmys but it didn't win any Razzies either, for whatever that's worth.

red dawn movie poster 1984 original Red Dawn (1984)

Director: John Milius
Writer: Kevin Reynolds, John Milius
Starring: Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Why You Should Watch It: I'm re-watching soon for a more complete reason "Why You Should Watch" but this is a great campy action flick from the 80's. The Soviets invade the U.S.A. and a group of high school students in Colorado defend themselves. It's a must watch, especially if you plan to go see the filth that is the remake that came out November of 2012.




bowling for columbine dvd art poster michael mooreBowling for Columbine (2002)

Director: Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore
Starring: Michael Moore, Charlton Heston, Marilyn Manson
Genre: Documentary, History, Crime

Why You Should Watch It: I have to re-watch (notice a pattern?) since I haven't seen it in a long time, but it's a pretty interesting documentary about firearms in America. It centers around the Columbine High School shooting of 1999. You may not enjoy this if you think Obama is trying to take away all of your guns and think calling someone a "liberal" is an insult.

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