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poker 2 months 2 million logo tv show2 Months, $2 Million (2009)

Creator: Terrence Sacchi (Facing Trauma), Paul Reitano (Facing Trauma), Brandon Gross
Starring: Jay Rosenkrantz (The Micros, Deuces Cracked), Dani Stern
Genre: Reality, Poker, Sports
Episodes: 10 Episodes
Network: G4

Why You Should Watch It: I hate to say it but I can't imagine you would much enjoy this show if you have never played poker, don't watch poker, or know nothing about the game. The show isn't centered around the actual playing of the game, it's more about the goal of making $2 million dollars and the summer Vegas adventures of four friends, but I'm not sure some people would appreciate the lifestyle or stories in the show. It took place during a time when playing online poker, while not the easiest to do in the USA, was still a large business. Since the infamous Black Friday last year, things for the online poker world, in the United States, look pretty glum. So, the playing you see in the show can't really be done at the same scope anymore. Sadly. The four friends, Dani "Ansky" Stern, Jay "KRANTZ" Rosenkrantz, Brian "flawless_victory" Roberts, and Emil "whitelime" Patel all share a Las Vegas home for the summer while, collectively, trying to make $2 Million dollars. Each week they have friendly competitions on who makes the most money and the loser has to usually do something humiliating as punishment. It also shows the different lifestyle that a professional poker player lives. It's defiantly a good watch if you like poker, and even though you might not know much about the game, give it a try. It's only 10 episodes after all.

Posted by on March 15th 2012

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