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Link-A-Dinks 10/8/2011

[TV] BBC Frozen Plant Trailer. Ice, Water, Animals, and bad ass music, what else do you need?

[Funny] As you probably know, the iPhone 4s was announced this week. Here is a collection of funny tweets speculating the features of the soon to be released super-phone.

[Apple] How Steve Jobs Changed The World. RIP Steve Jobs.

[Weird] What? How do you eat your Cheerios?

[Neato] Penny Facts. 16, 1.6, 1/16th, Lincoln was the 16th President.... coincidence?

[Funny] Childhood cartoons that need to become Hollywood blockbusters, by Clueless 20 Something (Check out his site, funny movie reviews)

Posted by on October 8th 2011

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