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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 11

Can you believe we are at Round 11 for these? That brings us up to 55 different hashtags that should be trending. I'm fairly certain none of them have, but I'm not giving hope yet. It'll happen eventually. You can help by using them, which some people have been. Thanks to them!



Great for really twisting the knife on a zinger of a tweet. Also, great for end of tennis match tweets. It works for 90% of the tweets out there. As a bonus almost all languages and cultures can understand it, since tennis is such a world-wide sport. The few many exceptions are in second and third world countries where there is very little Twitter use anyways. But  no worries, we (rich people) have better things to worry about than people reading tweets and hashtags that they don’t understand. Like helping them have access to clean water...

game set match tennis winner




Some things are cute when your six but not so much when you’re an adult. Examples: Peeing on a house plant. Riding the family dog. Digging a hole in the backyard and pooping in it.

The list is endless and almost exclusively consisting of body fluids/functions. Admittedly, I could be limiting the use of this hashtag. Link to your tweets that use this (or any of them) in the comments below and I’ll RT!


Well I think I broke a few laws searching for images of people peeing on houseplants so I'll skip the image on this one...



The Brits really have something with this whole “brilliant” business. It has many uses, including: literal (Wow, you're really smart. #brillant), sarcastic (Way to get drunk and throw up on a young kid. #BRILLANT" and even figuratively.  I can’t figure out a suitable figurative scenario but I can only imagine they exist plentifully. Use liberally and without abandon. I have come to love this word thanks to the UK version of the show The Inbetweeners which is BRILLANT! Ahhhh, see. I wrote about the show being on Netflix.

the inbetweeners cast uk england tv




This hashtag is inspired by a Key and Peele sketch where there is college aged Obama planning and attending a party. As he is being "all presidential" in talking about how awesome the party will be, there is a joint passed round and as it goes from one person to another he, “intercepts” it. It’s a great skit that you can watch below.  Intercepted as a hashtag is so awesome you can use it in almost any context. During the Super Bowl on February 3rd, 2013 (which happened already) would be a good jumping off point. After that, just go wild with it.



After the very exciting half-black-out during the Super Bowl this past Sunday the power was fully restored and the game was ready to start. When the head ref gave the official announcement he lastly uttered the words, “Let’s go”. In long, what he was saying was, “let’s get this shit going again so I can go hang out on Bourbon Street for one last night.” If you were unaware, the Superbowl took place in New Orleans for the 2012/2013 season. #letsgo is a very versatile hashtag. Trying to make plans with someone, #letsgo. Rooting for a team of some sort, #letsgo. If you’re really cool you can use the much more hip versions, #lego/#lesgo/#legsgo/etc.. It doesn't really matter though, because eventually they will all be trending. You wait and see.

lets go superbowl 2013 ref


Posted by on February 4th 2013

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