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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 4

Round 4 of #Hashtags That Should Be Trending is below. Please notice the pictures are now below the hashtag instead of above.

#wassup- Originated in the late 90’s thanks to the cool, refreshing taste of Bud. Wise. Er. It is now used when you’re trying to be cool, over 30, and have no idea it is no longer the year 1999. The more s’s used, the cooler you will look. Seriously.

Got two numbers last night! The girls could probably be my daughters too. #wassssssssssssup

budweiser wassup guy


#noregrets- Have you done something you’ve regretted but don’t want to feel bad? No Regret It! Never listen to your conscious again! It can also be used for less serious things such as not regretting eating that Taco Bell last night.

Ended up going on a three night bender. Last night I woke up with my nose covered in coke dust and naked next to a random guy. #noregrets #takethatmom

mel gibson no regrets about anything ever

You know this guy has never regretted anything he's ever done.

#thatllhappen- Sometimes things just happen, they might not be the greatest things or the worst things but they are things that happen. It’s really no surprise either, that these things happen, so it’s confusing why some people feel the need to tweet such obvious things. Used best when used as a comment on a retweet.

#thatllhappen RT @35yearoldballin: Ate too much Taco Bell and destroyed the toilet. #wassssssssup #noregrets

a lot of taco bell food

Who would ever think this would cause problems coming out the other end?

#highfive- The high five is at the peak of it’s existence. I can only imagine how left out it feels being rarely used on Twitter. We need to change this, not only for the high five, but for ourselves. I mean what feels better than a high five with one of your homies after a great zinger or an OT inducing beer pong shot?

Who still has both of their hands?! #highfive

bear giving a high five

Even this guy wants #highfive to be trending on Twitter. Make this sad bear's day and give that paw a slap.

#annefrankinit- Hiding out from your friends, family, mother, teachers, police etc? Sometimes you just need a break from people or maybe you need to just lay low for awhile. Just add the tag at the end and everyone knows they won’t hear from you for two years (June 1942-August 1944).

I may or may not have killed a guy with a Trident. #annefrankinit

football player tiki baber hiding out like anne frank

This guy knows all too well what it means to be #annefrankinit (click for reference)



Posted by on October 27th 2011

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