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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 8

Remember when I called the last Hashtags That Should Be Trending a monthly thing, four months ago? Yeah, that was pretty funny.

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#beansoup - You can’t deny when it comes to soups, a nice bean soup is one of the best soups. Sure, chowder and spicy gumbo also are featured at the top, but you can’t beat a bean soup with some homemade bread on a rainy autumn day. Tell the twitter world about the great bean soup you just consumed.

I preemptively apologize to my nearby co-workers for tomorrow's ensuing disaster. #beansoup

bowl of bean soup pinto

Mmmmm bean soup.

#wingman - Sitting at the bar listening to this chick drone on about how her cats are the cutest things ever? This Bud’s hashtag’s for you.

Seriously, this chick won’t shut up about her new kitten. #wingman

old time wing man war plane fighter pilot

You'll have no problem getting this guy to be your wingman.

#paulwalkerstyle - Only examples will be able to adequately explain the greatness of this hashtag.

Cruising down the freeway at a mellow 95mph. Racing some guy in a Honda.  #nbd #paulwalkerstyle

Just joined #TheSkulls at my local Ivy League Universtiy. A Skull above any other. #paulwalkerstyle

Got done with a long run. Got a little scared running down the back alley behind that strip club though. #paulwalkerstyle #getit?

paul walker photo shoot

Paul Walker getting his picture taken, Paul Walker Style.

#Jammedup - Jammed up in traffic. Boss is jamming you up for the weekend. Mom is being a total bitch and jamming you up. Police jamming you up on a routine traffic stop. You can’t escape this life without getting jammed up.

 Stuck at work talking to the cops because some old lady drove her car through the front windows. #jammedup


#okayimdone - for those times when it seems appropriate to use 5 hashtags in a row. It's not. Just be done.

Stuck watching Skulls II with this girl while my boy works his moves and my bowels want to explode. #wingman #beansoup #paulwalkerstyle #jammedup #okayimdone

man tired at office on laptop comuter

This guy is DONE.

Posted by on August 10th 2012

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