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#Hashtags That Should Be Trending, Round 6

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#wegotfliescomingforus - Summer is somehow upon us, this means one thing, and one thing only: Short shorts and flies. Flies everywhere. And they are coming for you, on the lake, around the campfire and especially in the motor home.

It’s getting dark out. Just hanging around the fire, having some chats and drinking some beers. #wegotfliescomingforus

winnebago man yelling online video

Meet innovation. MONEY.

#twothingsthatarehardtodoatthesametime - This one is easy. You just tweet two things that are hard to do at the same time.

Poop Eat #twothingsthatarehardtodoatthesametime

black guy eating on the toilet in prison jail

The toilet, also a table in jail.

#soharddude – This one has a variety of uses. You could go the sarcastic route, used to mock some homie on twitter about his sweet shirtless profile pic. You could go with the legitimely gay route, if you’re into that. You could also just be referencing some rocks and talking about their ranking on the MOH Scale. It’s really up to you, but I tend to go with sarcasm.

Yo, @rockhardlifter69 you looking all swelled up in that picture bro #soharddude

gym twitter self picture pic dude

I just got back from the gym, let me pop this shirt off and take a quick pic for Twitter.

#tightbutthole - This one is a shout out to the Comedy Central show, Workaholics. You’re probably asking yourself, “But why tight butthole? I don’t get it.” Well, what’s tighter than butthole? Exactly.

The moment I've been waiting for has almost arrived..using the swiffer for the first time sooo #tightbutthole - Real tweet by @vspinabelli

tight butthole blake workaholics

You are so loosest butthole.

#andthatshowyougetants – Another TV reference with a quote from the hilarious FX show, Archer. It can be used for actual times when you would get ants from doing something, like leaving food on the floor. It also can be used for anytime someone does something trival but is still a nusance, like leaving the window open when it is suppose to rain.

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend @hotkaren69 for leaving the window down on my car. #rain #thatshowyougetants

archer and that's how you get ants

Wait, I had something for this...

Posted by on March 20th 2012

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