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Flashback Friday: Dinosaur Edition

Admittedly I wasn't a huge dinosaur fan when I was a kid, other than Jurassic Park. Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! Despite this, I know dinosaurs are and were a big thing to a lot of children out there. They even make toys, and movies staring them, so you know they're legit. What other dinosaur toys, movies, books, or TV shows do you remember from your childhood?

barney tyrannosaurus rex baby bop bj riff

Don't lie to me. You watched it. You sang. You danced.

kids dinosaur toys collection

A solid collection. Was yours bigger?

jurassic park movie still frame lobby T rex dinosaur

They just don't make dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park anymore.

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the big book of dinosaurs kids book

Buy The Big Book of Dinosaurs at Amazon.com

nat geo dinosaur book hardcover young adults

Buy the National Geographic Dinosaurs book on Amazon.com

land before time dinosaurs movie tv show cartoons

Land Before Time!

dinosaurs tv tgif abc show cast dinos

Great TV show. I also used this image in theĀ TGIF Edition of Flashback Friday.

Posted by on November 16th 2012

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