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Describe An Album Cover To A Blind Person, Part 1

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Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon
Simple, yet elegant. Picture what you’re seeing right now. It’s all black, right? Well that’s the background. In the middle there is a triangle (well, prism) with white light going into it from the left. Then a bunch of colors come out on the side like it would on a prism. You know, just like a rainbow looks like, all those colors.

pink floyd dark side of the moon album cover rainbow

Nickelback- Any Album
Four, no talent assclowns standing there looking straight out of the late 90’s.

90s band nickelback members standing in jeans

Nirvana- Nevermind
Imagine a pool. Wet, blue, smells of chlorine, and there is a child chasing a one dollar bill and quite possibly drowning. You’re shocked at first wondering if this kid is okay, asking yourself where this kids mother is, and does he even have the mental capability to understand what money actually is. Then you start thinking, I wish I knew the story that led up to this picture because I bet it is awesome. Oh, and his little wiener is showing.

nirvana nevermind cover boy naked dollar

The Beatles- White Album (Well the actual title is The Beatles but it’s known as The White Album)
Do you know what white looks like? No? Bummer.

the beatles white album cover art

Goo Goo Dolls- Dizzy Up the Girl
There is this chick in a dress laying down on her stomach with her legs up. Not in a sexual way but a sensual way or possibly passed-out-date-raped way. Probably just got back from a night of getting...dizzy? (ahhh, get it?) She is quite possibly of Asian descent most definitely has drawn on eye-brows. The room has a very somber feel and looks of regret, despite the bright green and pink.

goo goo dolls dizzy up the girl cover art cd

Hopefully this isn’t insulting to the blind, not that you can read it! (sorry) In defense of myself I will most likely be blind by the time I die, based on my current rate of eye deterioration.

Posted by on September 22nd 2011

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