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Awesome Weekend Links From Around the Net! 6/24/2012

[Picture] If you spend enough time on the internet you'll get this and maybe have a chuckle. If not you are no doubt thinking, "The internet is right once again, it doesn't matter because this kid is double fisting Chex."

[Morbid?] Thanks to reddit I found myself spending multiple hours reading about serial killers in the United States. A great resource was this wikipedia page titled "List of serial killers in the United States". Very informative.

[Video] I know this is pretty old. Six years old to be more precise. It's still funny and still just super. Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton post The Chappelle Show and Africa.

[Funny] I met this cool dude, @shoutabyss, on Twitter recently. He likes being negative about most things, much like me. Read his take on the National Rifle Association.

[Music] This is just an old Song of the Day post from us featuring some TV On The Radio and Breaking Bad.

Posted by on June 24th 2012

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