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Awesome Links from the Weekend, 5/27/2012

[Funny] The five reasons I will never listen to Tom Cruise EVER again. - @cracked

[Music] A new song from Passion Pit which is really catchy and I can’t stop listening to. I first heard it over at the sweet music blog Listen Before You Buy. - @listenb4youbuy

[Science] A big foamy tube of Science! - @thechive

[Funny] 20 Guys Trying to Bang @kramediggles on OkCupid. Read it and follow her on Twitter. She’s funny and I think I’m slowly getting her to fall in love with me. www.slacktory.com/2012/05/20-guys-try-to-bang-psycho-on-okcupid/

[Poker] I’m not even sure 1 out of the 100 people that see this will care, but Poker Fuse has a great Poker Podcasts page.  - @pokerfuse

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I just realized the titles of these Weekend Links are not even close to being constant. Oh well. Better keep it going.

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